This command rotates a sprite around its insertion point, by an angle of 0 through 359 degrees.


dbRotateSprite( SpriteNumber, Angle );


You can use dbRotateSprite to rotate a sprite around its insertion point, which is its upper left corner by default. SpriteNumber is the number of the sprite to rotate, and Angle is the amount (in degrees) you want to rotate it. Remember that it will rotate around insertion point, which is the upper left corner. To rotate a sprite from its center, you must change the insertion point using dbOffsetSprite.

For example:

dbRotateSprite( 1, 90);

will rotate sprite number 1 by 90 degrees.

Note that the number of degrees does not seem to need to be 0 - 359. If the Angle becomes higher than 359 or lower than 0, the sprite will simply continue to rotate in the same direction it was previously rotating. To keep the values within 0 - 359, use the dbWrapValue command.