So what's your game ? Edit

Of course there are many different types of games which can be potentially developed using Dark GDK, it has the scope for everything from a 3D RPG to classic pong.

The sample Dark Dungeon project provides a simple example of an implementation of an FPS (First Person Shooter) using 3D Commands. But many games also utilise the 2D Commands. Simple strategy games like Go and Chess still require complex algorithms to resolve single player versus computer games, whilst multi-player games require networking features and collaboration tools (chat) to enhance the gaming experience. Dark GDK provides the necessary functions for these too.

Assuming you're using Dark GDK for developing a game, please add a link to your game project (see thegamecreators homepage) and/or provide us a brief description of what you are working on in this Wiki.

2D Game Projects Edit

3D Game Projects Edit

Ass: John Wilkes Booth - 3D RPG following the life of John Wilkes Booth, from his assassination of the President to his eventual downfall.
Shadows of the Hajr Tor
- 3D RPG based on Dark Dungeon source originally, but implementing OO classes under an Open Gaming License from Wizards Of The Coast. Status: Experimental/Early Development

--GamePatternz 22:05, 2 October 2008 (UTC)